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We will show you how to use the Language of Influence to build better relationships with people, new ideas, change to achieve the goals you want to see established.  These empowering seminars are custom designed to reach the goals of .....
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  • Sales and Service teams
  • Senior Leadership
  • Training and Organizational Development staff
  • University Faculty
Key Performance Measurements
Our company is your #1 source for selling and influencing more people. We include measurement tools called Practical Competency Models to help you measure
Sales Skills
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"My regional sales director was blown away with my sales presentations, not to mention my record breaking numbers after I took Sell More Now! the first time.  I returned for a refresher course and realized some important components that will boost my effectiveness to a whole new level.  Wait 'til my regional director sees this."

Karl C.

By learning NLP techniques and phrases, our seminar participants say the sale moves quicker and easier to close.  if you are in sales, life just got better and easier for you.
Guide your corporation's strategic direction with influencing language that helps people go beyond adjusting to embracing change and transitions.

Students learn more and have more fun because their faculty teach and facilitate using NLP skills from our workshop series.
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